Kevin Harris
James Blue,
safari leader

Join our annual Film Crew Safari for the experience of a lifetime. This safari enjoys exclusive Film Crew permits for 10 full days of the 13 days afield, allowing access to remote and otherwise closed areas of the Serengeti for wildlife filming and photography. Our vehicles are set-up for solidly mounting fluid heads (75mm and 100mm bowls) in high, low and ultra-low positions.

This amazing adventure offers a rare opportunity to experience and capture the true essence of the Serengeti ecosystem in ways most can only dream of.

Precise planning and protocols need be followed to procure and exercise these permits, but this is where our experience comes in and we have streamlined the process as much as possible.

Lock-in your spot as space is extremely limited in this rarely offered safari. This is a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

Key features
- Film Crew permits
- Special access in remote areas
- Incredible photo/video ops
(+2 travel days)
Pros, Obsessed
(3 spots left)
James Blue
Only 3 persons / vehicle
Typical weather
Warm days/cool nights/showers
Deposit: $2,000
Safari Ref.#
Workshop Photo Safari


Bring lots of memory cards and hard drives. The opportunities this safari offers will chew through terabytes quickly. Past participants of this safari usually take 30-50k images and hours of video footage. We recommend this safari only for those truly obsessed with capturing high quality footage and images. Typically, everyday is an all-day affair - the plethora of opportunities is simply too irresistible to stop.

Our Eastern Serengeti camp is perfectly positioned to explore remote areas in all directions. We'll be situated within reach of the ever-moving Great Migration, a wondrous sight and experience in itself. Then add in all the big cats hunting them, the abundant diversity of wildlife and birds around every corner, and it's an overwhelming spectacle of nature. Our efforts will be concentrated in an area with the highest concentrations of apex predators in the world. This is predator central - with mass prey.

This safari will be conducted with two vehicles working as a team for filming/photographing the safari activities and the wildlife. Operating as a small team adds to the opportunities by covering more ground. One vehicle will be dedicated for filming only - and the other will allow for both filming and photography.

Please note: This safari as is approved for filming wildlife and landscapes only, not Tanzanian culture. While we have never been rejected, their is no guarantee of the permit being issued. If the permit is not issued all guest will be offered a deposit refund, or a reduced price less the cost of the permit. Also, we donate a specifically edited video to Tanzania National Parks for their own marketing of the Serengeti, contributions to the TANAPA marketing video will be greatly appreciated, and you will be credited. Also, this safari is geared for participants shooting with modern DSLR/MILC still cameras only, all of which are capable of taking high quality video. Bringing a high-end video-specific camera, such as a Red, Arri, Sony, BMD, or Canon Cinema into Tanzania adds a significant level of complexity with customs and the Film Board, and you will be require you to post a bond based on camera value. Professional videographers with such equipment can be accommodated on a private safari and separate filming permit application basis.


  • 100% escorted from time of arrival in Tanzania to departure
  • All lodging in Tanzania
  • All National Park, Conservatory fees, and 18% tourism tax
  • Filming Permits at $300 per day per person, and $1,000 permit application fee
  • Premium guest rooms and tents
  • Unlimited game drives
  • All meals and snacks in vehicle
  • All drinks; including bottled Water, Soft Drinks, Beer and a variety of house Spirits and Wines (Premium Spirits and Wines extra)
  • Use of camp equipment (computers, tripods/heads, and other ancillary photo equipment
  • WiFi when available
  • Photography and post-processing instruction and assistance
  • Basic medical evacuation insurance


  • International flights
  • Photo/Video equipment unless otherwise arranged
  • Personal items
  • Tanzania Visa Fee ($100)
  • Travel insurance
  • Premium medical evacuation insurance


0 Sat Apr, 06
Travel day
1 Sun Apr, 07
Evening arrival at Killimanjaro airport, transfer to the Mt. Meru hotel. Late dinner and overnight (double occupancy suite).
2 Mon Apr, 08
We will be driving from Arusha to camp given the excess gear that would be a problem on the small commuter flights. Arriving in time for an evening game drive.
3 Tue Apr, 09
Film Permit Day
4 Wed Apr, 10
Film Permit Day
5 Thu Apr, 11
Film Permit Day
6 Fri Apr, 12
Film Permit Day
7 Sat Apr, 13
Film Permit Day
8 Sun Apr, 14
Film Permit Day
9 Mon Apr, 15
Film Permit Day
10 Tue Apr, 16
Film Permit Day
11 Wed Apr, 17
Film Permit Day
12 Thu Apr, 18
Film Permit Day
13 Fri Apr, 19
Our final short day afield as we drive back to Arusha. We'll arrive in Arusha in time for a relaxing lunch and afternoon at your hotel. An early dinner is included prior to transferring to the airport for an evening departure back home.
14 Sat Apr, 20